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Student Art Gallery

Welcome! This gallery gives you a glimpse of the artwork my student artists create through the various workshops and private lessons I host via the Canal Street Studio. Participants range in age from 4 to 90 years young!

As we have journeyed over the years, our creative spirit has been and continues to be our guide. Yes, I share an ever growing knowledge of color theory, composition, design, proportion, light and shadow, various techniques used to create fluid watercolor paintings, not to mention art appreciation through the work of notable artists …..but, my ultimate goal is to assist my students in taking the time to “see”….to truly look at the world around them…all the time… an artist is always “working” because he or she is always “seeing”. When my students thank me by telling me “ I look at things differently after taking these art classes”, my mission is being accomplished…..I in turn am grateful for the opportunity to share what I love.

Doing art is not about drawing like Raphael, painting like Monet, or creating scenes like O’Keefe…it’s really about developing one’s own skills and letting one’s own creative spirit fly….drawing , painting and creating in one’s own style. While I reveal my style of watercolor painting as I demonstrate and explain my interpretation of a particular subject matter, I work with each of my student’s skills and encourage each one to reveal his or her own creative style. …this is evident in the images shown in this special gallery! It’s all quite amazing!

Time, practice and patience are valuable tools we take on our journey to developing our creative spirit…letting each step of progress, as well as our mistakes, light the next step along the way. No, not every painting is a masterpiece, but it brings us a little closer to the next masterpiece waiting to be created……it’s all a process….a process these artists have been courageous enough to embark on…a process that beckons the artist in all of us! It is my hope that you will enjoy viewing these wonderful works of art from the heart as much as I have enjoyed working with the artists….perhaps you will be encouraged to follow your creative spirit as well!

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