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Clock Repair

"Your clock is important to you, so contact us when it needs servicing.
We take the time to do the job right."


  • Quality Service with Reasonable Rates
  • Authorized Howard Miller  Service Center
  • Authorized Ridgeway Service Center
  • Fully insured with warranty on workmanship
  • Flexible hours
  • Trustworthy


We work on all kind of clocks from 18th century English grandfather clocks to modern day quartz clocks. Whether a clock has worn bushings that need replacing or it just needs a cleaning, we can fix your clock. When you bring in your clock for repair, it stays in our shop until it's fixed, unlike many places that send the clocks "out" for repair. Our shop is fully equipped with ultrasonic cleaning machines, clock lathes, a mainspring winder, and a bushing press among numerous other hand tools specific to the clock trade.

When a clock is brought into us, we take a couple of weeks to check it over. After that, we will call you with a complete estimate of the repair and approximately how long it will take. Upon your approval, we will proceed with the work. Unless stated in advance, there is no charge for the estimate. We follow the American Watch-Clockmakers Institute Code of Ethics by only repairing and charging you for what needs to be done. Over the years we have found that honesty is the best policy. Our repeat costumers are testimony to that.

If you have a floor clock that is not running properly, we make house calls . Depending on the condition of the movement, sometimes we can repair it in your home. If it has extensive wear, we'll need to bring it back to our shop to work on it. After it's been repaired and test run in our shop, we'll set it up properly in your home. Our fee for this service includes the cost to repair the clock plus a per mile round trip fee.

To contact us for an appointment or any questions you might have, call toll free 800-677-8941, (local callers use 518-993-3022) or send an email to clock_repair@yahoo.com. Click here for some basic tips that can be helpful in caring for your clock. Follow this link for cuckoo clock tips. If you're looking to purchase a new clock, go to our links page.

To learn more about Chris Resch, read  "The Clocksmith" on our About Us page.